The Lighthouse

Location : KNSM Island, Amsterdam, NL


Designed for a writer seeking a peaceful space to work, MASS created theLighthouse - a bespoke interior fit-out for the wheelhouse of a houseboat resting inthe old docks of Amsterdam.

With 360° panoramic views of the city’s waterways, the structure offered a tantalising opportunity to create something memorable and unique. A floating work of art, over the years each room on board has been transformed by artists, designers and architects alike.

Inspired by the water and waves, the vision was to design a space where everything flowed together as one. A continuous surface was created, connecting seating to tables and tables to walls, converging to a custom ceiling light featuring intricate laser etched patterns across its surface. 

Assembled without screws nails or glue, the resulting parametric form was handcrafted using 648 individually cut plywood panels.

Process video_

Project team & credits_

Henry Roberts
Piotr Kluszczynski
Krishna Duddumpudi
Michele Gulickx
Ingeborg & Renze Van Leishout
Contact Makerspace - Amsterdam
Light spectrum photography (Drone footage)
Mylan Fotografie