Plot Twist : The Bass Guitarist is a Robot!

Location : Q Theatre, Auckland, NZ


Testing the boundaries between engineering and art, MASS created a unique musical production, Plot Twist, demonstrating the potential of robots in live entertainment.

Performed at Auckland’s Q Theatre in 2016, the two-hour show starred Mechbass, a robotic bass guitarist, who performed on stage alongside classical guitarist Cheryl Grice, electric guitarist Sean Clancey, pianist Petr Tomek and drummer Sam Holdem.

This multi-genre performance was the first full-length concert of its kind where a robot musician played a central performance role.

Show teaser_

Mechbass showcase_

Project team & credits_

James McVay
Hans Kim
Bryan Loh
Shanshan Zhou
Ryan Cha
Petr Tomek
Cheryl Grice
Sean Clancey
Sam Holdem
Ian Loh
Krishna Duddumpudi
Jolin Lee
PS Pramod
Dion Paz
Alex Bradford
Sam Ryan
Shaun Johnson
Andy Tsang
Micah Livesay
Morgan Allen
Erika Lim