Kanagawa Blade


Forged through the power of water, the Kanagawa Blade exploits a machining defect unique to waterjet CNC manufacturing.

The Kanagawa Blade celebrates the sheer power and ferocity of water. It’s form references the clawed waves depicted in Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa, which instilled fear and terror in those who witness its power. Water from the waterjet cutter is able to slice through one of the hardest and toughest steel composites in the world, Hardox steel, and with just two linear cuts, an unreplicable corrugation in the steel is formed.

Although fabricated with mathematical and machine precision, the Kanagawa Blade reveals a natural and serendipitous defect. Emphasised by a clean, geometric handle, the blade speculates on what we perceive as ideal. As precision is criticised for its inaccuracy, the undesired becomes desirable.

Project team & credits_

Mark Wilson