Digital Biophilia


Digital Biophilia was a collective group of interactive installations featuring renowned Wellington photographers and digital artists working in collaboration.

The collective installation explored the contemporary relationship between humans and natural systems.

The focus of Krishna’s work ‘Spectral Symbiosis’ was to highlight the ability for contemporary society to readily modulate the extent of these natural systems impact on the physical condition.

Biometric readings are made of the participant using an X-box Kinect and as the participant “touches” each floating node on the projected screen. By interacting with the nodes the users are then in real-time downloading weather data sets from various locations around the world.

The weather and biometric user data are then used to drive the design of a generative landscape and soundscape for the user to experience. The unique landscapes generated are printed at the exhibition site as a token of their interaction.

Project team & credits_

Tane Moleta
Mizuho Nishioka
Krishna Duddumpudi
Lance Kingi