Digital Aurora

Location : The Art Depot, Devonport, Auckland, NZ


Digital Aurora arises from the hearts and minds of young, ambitious artists, engineers, and designers working in the rapidly changing technology and innovation sectors and dreaming about the future.

It is a vehicle by which to explore the uncharted territories between technology, art, and culture. Digital Aurora is a composition of structural, graphical and digital artworks that aim to disconnect the viewer from reality, interpolate data, and invite an examination of human experience and perceived value refracted through a lens of critical enquiry.

“We hope that this exhibition will be able to display a different side of technology that is both beautiful and stimulating, to inspire and encourage the next generation of thinkers, innovators, and artists to take action.”

Featured Works_

Anti Self Portrait Test

By Adam A Moore

Anti Self Portrait Test_

A series of works by artist Adam Moore, which offer a different experience dependent of setting. 

Reflecting the environment, the pieces flip the narrative of the standard self-report test by projecting each artwork’s own distorted perception of the viewer back at them.
MASS designer Hans Kim and Jim  Walker of Advanced Print developed new custom print methods to help bring the artist’s vision to life.

Black Noise

By Oliver Bucher & James McVay

Black Noise_

An interactive installation exploring the interplay of light, sound and water.

The piece consists of a single spotlight illuminating a dark body of water. Ripples pulse across the water’s surface triggered by sounds in the gallery space, while caustic patterns dance and multiply as they are projected to the wall above.

The installation was decidedly left mostly ambiguous and up to the interpretation of the viewer. The title alone acts as a cue, provoking thoughts of power in relation to water - it’s scarcity as a natural resource, it’s strength as a force of nature and it’s worth as a crucial molecule for life.


By Digl Dixon


Meaning “all (or nothing) of anything”. Three works grappling with the immensity of the known, and its conversation with us as individuals.

The works display streams of information from the internet, each questioning a different aspect of our relationship with the accumulative mess of facts, names, places, dates, and ideas that exist. The first piece, “.*”, presents an ocean of disembodied data, deprived of context, which viewers are invited to digest in either a desperate search for interpretation, or as a meditative wash.

Whispers in the wind

By Krishna Duddumpudi

Whispers in the wind_

Whispers is a study into the perception of value and its ephemerality in the omnipresent age of social & mass media.
Much like traditional forms of Art, Cryptocurrency is a phenomenon where its value is determined by a collective of individuals. However, unique to cryptocurrencies are their correlation with mainstream media’s ecosystem and the un-curated, unbiased reflection of “perceived value”. 

The result is a unique formless digital entity, shaped by whispers in the digital wind.
The installation is a crypto-seismograph, a bystander listening, tracking, translating and documenting this causality.

Project team & credits_

Joe “Digl” Dixon
Adam Moore
Oliver Bucher
Krishna Duddumpudi
James McVay
Hans Kim
Hannah Kim
Nandoun Abeysekera
Jim Walker
Bryan Lee
Extended team - TheArt Depot
Extended team - Advanced Print + Design