Creative Northland :
Youth Summit 2019

Location : Te Ahu center, Kaitaia, NZ


The Northland Youth Summit Arts Festival is an annual event held in different locations around the Northland region of New Zealand with 2019's summit being hosted in Kaitaia.

This event was for youth aged 12-24 and involved experts from various creative industries who facilitated and mentored the youth over 3 days.

MASS was invited to facilitate the creative technologies workshop. The youth explored personal narratives through sketching, interacting with custom scripts and making sound loops. Through this process the youth were encouraged to discuss their creative works at regular intervals also developing valuable presentation skills.

The output for this workshop was an exhibition showcasing a series of A1 prints along with a matching soundscape. The works will become part of a travelling exhibition in late 2019 touring New Zealand.

Showcase & summary video_

Project team & credits_

Hans Kim
Nandoun Abeysekera
Krishna Duddumpudi
Bryan Lee
Hinurewa te Hau
Briar Fabian
Wider- Creative Northland Team, Mentors & Facilitators